Meeting Tuff requirements - finch engineering & NDF AG. Design - new ag. widener series

Heavy-duty trailer manufacturer, Tuff Trailers, is no stranger to building custom equipment to meet its clients’ requirements. With more than 20 years of experience under its belt, the company was now able to create two unique solutions for agriculture machinery manufacturers by customising equipment based on its new AG. Widener model......{VIEW PDF}

Haulin’ the Harvesters - Burgundy Heights - 6x8 Steerable Low Loader

Situated along New South Wales’ Pacific Highway – a well-known pathway for many Australian fleet operators – sits the picturesque town of Coffs Harbour, located some 540 kms north of Sydney and boasting a chorus of national parks and touristy attractions such as the ‘Big Banana’. Coffs Harbour is also home to Burgundy Heights, a logging .... {VIEW PDF}

The Right Tuff - Hogans Heavy Haulage - Quad Axle Tilt 'N' Slide Widener 

There’s no room for sentiment in commercial road transport. At least that’s how Jason Hogan, Managing Director of Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, would put it. Jason’s impartial approach to purchasing transport equipment is a philosophy he swears by and it’s one reason why his family business remains a successful

one today... {VIEW PDF}

No Compromise - Resource in focus

Denis Di Pasquale actually started up in business in 1993 as a general fabrications company, but one of his first products was a trailer for a well known Toowoomba-based trucking company, SEDL
Transport.... {VIEW PDF}

Not Such A Crazy Idea After All - Tuff Trailers

In November 2013, Denis and his wife Nicole were invited to Sweden, where Tuff Trailers was one of four finalists nominated for the 2013 Swedish Steel Prize given out by steel company SSAB. At the end of the night, the Queensland-based business had placed second for its use of SSAB’s steel on its innovative Monospine ‘Load ‘N’ Lift’ four-metre deck widening trailer. According to Denis, while the company’s.... {VIEW PDF}

The Best or Nothing - Harts Transport - 8x8 Steerable Low Loader

The idea of adding an 8x8 model to the Tuff portfolio has been tossed around internally for quite some time, but it wasn’t until early 2013 that Denis

DiPasquale and the team set out to realise it. The result is a high-tech platform unlike anything else that has hit Australian roads before.... {VIEW PDF}

Change Of Pace - Pawlow - Tuff Extendable

When tropical cyclone Larry devastated banana plantations in the Innisfail region in 2006, it prompted banana carrier George Pawlow to try his luck in heavy haulage – and five years on, he hasn’t looked back. A brand new tri axle 45ft drop deck extendable trailer from Tuff Trailers is making light work of a tough task.. {VIEW PDF}

Conquering New Challenges - Colpak - Tilt N Slide 

A new Tuff Tilt ‘N’ Slide Extendable supertilt trailer by Tuff Trailers is assisting Colpak Logistics in carrying out the most difficult of tasks that no other unit in its modern and impressive fleet ca n match... {VIEW PDF}

Evolving Through Innovation - Tuff Innovations 

Over the last 15 years, the Tuff Trailers name has become synonymous with reliability and strength. The Queensland based manufacturer continues to break boundaries with unique, custom built trailers designed to tackle their task head on... {VIEW PDF}

Personalised Service - Martignago - Quad Extendable Widener 

As a custom builder of heavy equipment trailers, Tuff Trailers believes in manufacturing every trailer to suit not only its application, but also each customer’s unique requirements... {VIEW PDF}

Staying Loyal - Colpak - Quad Axle Low Loader 

Having turned to Tuff Trailers for all of its trailer needs time and time again, Colpak Logistics has just ordered another two new trailers to add to its fleet... {VIEW PDF}

That Brings It To 13 - Gunn Freight - Deck Wideners 

Quickwell Express and contractors have just taken delivery of nine low loader trailers from Tuff Trailers, with four patented Load ‘N’ Lift Widener trailers on the way... {VIEW PDF}

Tuff Trailers One Step Ahead - Tuff Innovations

Tuff Trailers has recently come up with two new exciting developments that confirm Australian trailer manufacturing as one of the most exciting industries in the world... {VIEW PDF}

'Widening' Expectations - Evangle - Quad Low Loader 

When Evangel Qld Pty Ltd purchased a 28 tonne Hitachi 240 material handler, the need arose for a new deck widener low loader capable of carrying the machine from site to site. After visiting the Tuff Trailers facility, it was clear that the manufacturer was an ideal fit for Evangel’s requirements... {VIEW PDF}

A First For TMC And Tuff Trailers - 2 x 8 Dolly

TMC has now been supplying Tuff Trailers with running gear for several years, so developing 2 rows of 8 suspension for a new dolly was simply a natural progression...  {VIEW PDF}