Truck Transporters

Custom Built, Truck Transporters. Built Tuff!

Looking for a specialised vehicle transportation system that can be run as a single trailer, a + b double and a + b triple configurations? Look no further.

Some of our available options:

  • Extendable beam sets
  • Available in 45ft & 48ft lengths
  • Mid lift floor with hydraulically telescopic floor for multiple length wheelbases
  • Specialised floating floor with multiple locking positions & two way directional loading to maximise payload
  • Fixed top decks or fold over deck wings
  • Square or rounded front
  • Tuff Load 'N' Lift hydraulic beaver tail with 9 degree loading angle (Patent Application Number 2016250434)
  • Alloy loading ramps available
  • Drum or disc brake axles
  • Airbag suspension
  • Single adjustable skid plate
  • 50mm or 90mm bolt in king pin or Drake 50mm or 90mm drop in king pin
  • 2 speed geared landing legs
  • Various electric and hydraulic winches
  • Full radio operational control
  • Road train ring feeder pull
  • Container pins and pedestals
  • Timber and dunnage carrier
  • Various dog and chain storage
  • Toolboxes
  • Underslung tyre carrier and universal tie down hook
  • Load binder and tracks
  • Front and rear load racks
  • Full set of side gates
  • Top deck wheel well and steel infill
  • Telescopic back bar
  • 80ltr poly or 60ltr polished water tank

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    Truck Transporter - telescopic Load 'n' lift operation