Flat Top Extendables

Custom Built, Flat Top Extendables. Built Tuff!

Our flat top trailer series have a lot to offer you, available in 3x4, 4x4 suspension configurations and many options to choose from!

Some of our available options:

  • Extendable beam sets
  • Drum or disc brake axles
  • Spring (mechanical) or airbag suspension
  • Single adjustable skid plate
  • 50mm or 90mm bolt in king pin or Drake 50mm or 90mm drop in king pin
  • 2 speed geared landing legs
  • Road train ring feeder pull
  • Telescopic back bar
  • Container pins
  • Sliding support deck bolster
  • Timber and dunnage carrier
  • Various dog and chain storage
  • Toolboxes
  • Underslung tyre carrier and universal tie down hook
  • Load binder and tracks
  • Front and rear load racks
  • Full set of side gates
  • Side access ladder
  • (Deck, chassis length and axle spacings can also be customised to suit your requirements)

    Flat Top Extendable Gallery

    Flat Top Extendable Options Gallery