Steerable Low Loaders

Custom Built, Steerable Platform Trailers. Built Tuff!

Wanting a payload from 50t to 200+t? Our steerable platform series can make it happen. Specify the amount of axle lines and the desired payload to create a platform low loader specific to your needs and requirements.

Some of our available options:

  • Upto 62 degree maximum steering angle
  • Running height of 1080mm and suspension axle travel of 550mm
  • 30t per line at 5kph
  • World first EBS & ABS on a widening platform
  • Live & compensating hydraulic gooseneck
  • RUD certified tie downs & load restraints
  • Spineless chassis for low deflection and high point-loading
  • Hydraulic stabilising leg for widening operations & prime mover disconnection
  • All operation via radio remote to maximise user safety
  • Central catwalk designed for low height user access
  • Timber Carrier & Dunnage Storage
  • Lockable Cabinets for dogs & chains
  • 3 in 1 Compressor, Generator & Welder for servicing
  • Slide adjustable skid plate
  • Rear mounted push point
  • 800ltr Fuel Tank with integrated bowser & pump
  • Patented Ezy lift tyre carrier system -  storage capacity of up to 12 tyres (for WH&S)
  • Auto greasing systems

  • Testimonials - steerable low loaders

    “Tuff has delivered on everything it promised and addressed all the issues as well. We couldn’t be happier. This will no doubt have a major impact in the years ahead thanks to Tuff Trailers’ design capabilities.” Jarrod Smith - Burgundy Heights,  Trailer Magazine
    “It’s a premium build every way you look at it, but it’s also an investment in the business as it will help us save time and money.” Jeff Hart - Harts Transport,  Trailer Magazine

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