Mini Quad Low Loaders

Custom Built, Mini Quad Low Loaders Built Tuff!

Wanting a trailer that’s versatile? Look no further than our mini quad low loader series, designed specifically for 19m combination lengths that enable versitile multi-loading and high payload single divisible loads.

Some of our available options:

  • Widening decks to 3.5m
  • Single, bi-fold or H.D (heavy duty) ramps available
  • Lock down bi-fold ramps
  • Tuff low riders (fuel saving option)
  • Drum or disc brake axles
  • Spring (mechanical) or airbag suspension
  • Single, double or triple skid plate
  • 50mm or 90mm bolt in king pin or Drake 50mm or 90mm drop in king pin
  • Drop-leg, 2 speed geared landing legs or hydraulic legs
  • Top decks removable or fold over deck wings
  • Fold over transitional ramp or pull out steel ramps to top deck
  • 150mm Drop well (gooseneck to suspension, low height loading)
  • Various electric and hydraulic winches
  • Full radio operational control
  • Container pins and pedestals
  • Timber and dunnage carrier
  • Various dog and chain storage
  • Toolboxes
  • Various tyre carriers
  • Load binder and tracks
  • Front and rear load racks
  • Full set of side gates
  • (Deck, chassis length and axle spacings can also be customised to suit your requirements)

    testimonials - Mini Quad Low Loaders

    "I have always admired Tuff Trailers. It builds a fantastic deck widening trailer and I have always thought that, which is why I chose to go to Tuff." David Melville - Quickwell Express - Trailer Magazine

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