Tilt 'N' Slide wideners

Custom Built, Tilt 'N' Slide Wideners. Built Tuff!

(Also known as Super Tilts and Tilt Slide Trailers)

Needing something that’s more than just a recovery trailer? Look no further than the tuff tilt ‘n’ slide trailer, available in 3x4 or 4x4 suspension groups. Try optioning our extendable beam set for an added advantage.

Some of our available options:

  • Available in Tri Axle, Spread Tri & Spread Quad Axle (Self-tracking axles available)
  • Available in 45ft, 48ft & 48ft+ lengths
  • 7.9 degree loading angle (48ft) 9.5 degree loading angle (45ft)
  • Hydraulically deck widening from 2.5m - 3.5m
  • Extendable beam sets
  • 2 x 20,000 pound PTO Hydraulic winches and additional option for top decks
  • Top decks removable or fold over deck wings
  • Square or rounded front
  • Single adjustable skid plate
  • 50mm or 90mm bolt in king pin or Drake 50mm or 90mm drop in king pin
  • Drum or disc brake axles
  • Airbag suspension
  • 2 speed geared landing legs
  • Full radio operational control
  • Road train ring feeder pull
  • Container pins and pedestals
  • Dunnage storage
  • Various dog and chain storage
  • Lockable gooseneck toolboxes
  • Tyre carrier in centre beam or universal tie down hook
  • Front and rear load racks
  • Telescopic back bar
  • Alloy bus loading ramps (decreases loading angle)
  • Plus many more options to kit out your custom built trailer.

    Testimonials - tilt 'n' slide wideners

     “One of the key principles I’ve learned along the way is to always make sure the business gets premium value from the equipment we invest in,” he says. “That trailer must be right for the task and that goes for any truck purchase as well.”  Jason Hogan - Hogans Heavy Haulage -  Trailer Magazine
    "We looked at many different brands over a couple of years it became clear  very quickly once we visited the factory and looked at the Tuff product. You could tell Denis and his engineers knew what they were talking about and the product spoke for itself." Oliver Diprose - Gradco -  Big Rigs

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