2x8 Low Loader Dollies

Custom Built, 2x8 Low Loader Dollies. Built Tuff!

If you have a steerable or a low loader on its combination weight limit, upgrade to a load-sharing dolly to increase your payload. We build to your specs!

Some of our available options:

  • Hydraulically widening from 2.5m – 4.275m
  • Oscillating skid plate with double drop-in positions
  • Sliding turn table with 5 locking pin positions
  • Heavy duty equalizing suspension on swivel axles
  • Drum brakes
  • RUD certified lifting points
  • 800ltr fuel tank
  • Stainless mud guards
  • Hydraulic stabilising leg for widening operations & prime mover disconnection
  • Patented Ezy lift tyre carrier system - storage capacity of up to 8 tyres (for WH&S)
  • Auto greasing systems

  • 2x8 Low Loader Dolly Gallery