Built Tuff Since 1993


In July 1993 “DJ Fabrications” commenced operations aimed primarily at performing general fabrication work; however, found there was a market for manufacturing ‘custom built’ trailers. Therefore in September 1994 “Tuff Trailers” was formed aimed at manufacturing trailers and building the “elite low loader”, although it was not until 1995 that the company “Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd” was formed.


DJ Fabrications landed their first deal and delivered their first low loader to SEDL Transport. It was a quad-axle low loader consisting of;

  • Hydraulically widening decks (2.5m – 3.3m)
  • Hendrickson airbag suspension,
  • 17.5” drum brakes, rear axle lift kit,
  • Double gooseneck
  • Out riggers (+500mm per/side)


Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd was officially launched offering a new and fresh range of trailers for the Australian public. In the business’s second year Denis and his bride to be Nicole backed with their business ethics and vision increased the company’s profile by 813%. Paving the way in excellence Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd was nominated for the prestigious business awards. Attending the awards they claimed the business of the year category, proving that Denis and Nicole had a bright future in the transport industry.

Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd built a new factory increasing their capacity. Their new premises had the following;

  • 1500sq. meters of enclosed workshop
  • Offices and Reception
  • 7 bay workshop
  • 10 tonne overhead crane
  • Sand blasting room
  • Paint shop


Due to excessive growth Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd extended their factory, increasing working capacity, their renovations included;

  • Two additional workshop bays increasing workshop capacity to 1800sq. meters
  • An additional 10 tonne overhead crane


Caused by an excellent reputation in Australia Tuff Trailers out grew their premises. With this opportunity Denis decided to relocate into a larger site nearby, consisting of a 12200sq.meter block. Denis personally took up the challenge to design and head the construction of the most efficient and elaborate trailer manufacturing plant in the transport industry. With close supervision and strict guidelines the new Tuff Trailer plant was up and operational within 11 weeks of breaking ground. As it stood completed it was a perfect example of Denis and Nicole’s personal strive for excellence. Their new facility includes the following;

  • 5500sq. meters of enclosed workshop
  • Individual electrical and air supply lines to each workshop bay
  • Hi-definition plasma cutter
  • 160 tonne hydraulic brake press
  • Painting booth and baking room
  • Large capacity offices
  • 12bay workshop
  • Three 10tonne overhead cranes
  • Sand blasting room


Tuff Trailers was given the opportunity to design an onsite heavy haulage system that was later named the SPSJ80 Hydrostatic Jinkers. The SPSJ80’s were built as a pair that can also be separated and run as a single unit. Single mode can be used for moving concentrated point loading, bridge sections and heavy steel masses and dual mode was long fragile loads. Tuff trailers also developed a number of very special in-house technologies that will be integrated into its future product range. Read more about the SPSJ80’s in the Tuff Range or contact us for more information.

SPSJ80 - Self Propelled Steerable Jinkers

SPSJ80 - Self Propelled Steerable Jinkers


With the launch of a brand new chassis type ‘The Tuff Monospine Series’ Tuff Trailers gained a lot of attention around the Australian transport industry. As a result Tuff Trailers was nominated for the prestigious SSAB Swedish steel prize for innovative steel forming and unique steel application. The Swedish Steel Prize is considered to be the equivalent of the Oscars for engineers and Tuff Trailers was honoured to have placed in the top 4 world-wide. Denis and his wife Nicole both travelled to represent Tuff Trailers at the award gala on the 20/11/2013.

Denis and Nicole Di Pasquale - 2013 Swedish Steel Prize

Denis and Nicole Di Pasquale - 2013 Swedish Steel Prize

To the Future

With now three factories under the Tuff Trailer banner Denis is able to expand comfortably with the growth of the company. With all three buildings, the available enclosed space upwards of 8000sq. meters, enabling Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd to grow and take on projects without running into capacity restrictions.

At Tuff Trailers We Build

Custom Built semi trailers to suit your needs, our standard trailer range includes:

  • A Trailers
  • Dollies (Available with 2x4 and 2x8 Full widening)
  • Drop Decks (Available with Fixed width, Deck widening & Extendable)
  • Flat Top Extendables (Available with 3x4 & 4x4)
  • Low Loaders (Available with Fixed width, Deck widening, Full Widening & Extendable)
  • Tilt ‘N’ Slides (Available with Extendable)
  • Truck Transporters (Available with Extendable)
  • Jinkers (Available with Draw bar & Self-propelled)
  • Custom Trailers built to spec