New Trailer - Tri Axle Truck Transporter

Evolution - It's been a few years since the industry has seen changes to the means of truck transporting. The days of physically demanding loading techniques are gone and we who are part of the manufacturing industry have to change and take hold of a future that demands greater thinking and safer practices.

Our new truck transporter has been developed from the ground up to enable a unique loading design while maintaining safety. Our newly patented telescopic Load 'N' Lift ramp has been re-birthed to accommodate with the demand of low clearance chassis and long wheel base vehicles. Bragging a ramp angle of 9 degrees and complete automation, our new ramp is exclusive to Tuff Trailers and allows the operator maximum decking availability and increased savings by the reduction of wind resistance. 

Furthermore the trailer's mid lift floor has been developed with a telescopic ramp, this allows shallower ramp angles to the top deck and allows the operator to optimize the decking to suit different load scenarios.

Your Benefits:

  • Designed for the transport of Trucks, Busses, Cars etc
  • New Telescopic Load 'N' Lift Ramp (Patent Application Number 2016250434) savings up to 20% fuel consumption
  • 9 Degree loading angle
  • Telescopic Mid Lift Floor for optimizing load scenarios
  • Tailored to your specific requirements
Posted on November 3, 2016 .